Miller & Son's Grocery Mt. Horeb


For the past 40 years things have remained the same in our Meat Department. Our committed group takes pride in getting the best cut possible. What’s for dinner? We carry black and blue burgers, gyro brats, Josh's homemade Cordon Bleu pork or tenderloin stuffed with cream cheese and asparagus. Our meat department has all of the meats you’re looking to sizzle on the grill: juicy hamburgers, succulent steaks, chicken and savory pork. No need to go anywhere else to get your summer fixins; we've got all you need to keep your grill cooking all summer long.

Our commitment is giving you food with the best flavor possible. You really CAN taste the difference!

Call if you need something special! We use favorite classic and family recipes for pre-prepared dishes, like meatloaf, meatballs, steak or chicken fajitas, carne asada, and stuffed chicken breasts. meat

Dawn Hollis